Local newspaper article on Diek Grobler’s invitation to present his latest project, short film “Laaste Woord” at the 2018 Mifa pitching session at Annecy International Animation Festival in France.

Diek Grobler has been invited to present at the Annecy animated film festival in June 2018. He will be presenting Laaste Woord, an animated poetry film about the loneliness of being the last survivor of a language, a culture, and a generation. The film is inspired by South African poet Martjie Bosman’s Vanishing Voices.

Laaste Woord was selected as one of 11 projects from 158 short film entries across the globe to present at the 2018 Mifa pitching session in Annecy.

The film is due for completion by the end of 2019, combining traditional and digital animation techniques such as cut-outs, drawing on paper, and 2D digital animation effects.


PROJECT DIARY: Last Word (2018)
Project development diary for the animation ‘Last Word’.

‘LastWord’ animation storyboard by Diek Grobler, 2016.