Making Animated Poetry is an online presentation in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Art in the Department of Art and Music at the University of South Africa.

Making Animated Poetry consists of two animated poetry-films conceived and produced through two diametrically opposite creative processes employing carefully considered narrative strategies. 

Mon Pays  is a film based on a poem by Ousmane Moussa Diagana which is set to music by Laurinda Hofmeyr. Metamorphosis is used as narrative strategy, and metamorphosis occurs on various levels in the film. The film was made on a single piece of paper, starting from a white surface without script, storyboard or design. Painting and repainting the surface, the narrative was guided by a stream-of-consciousness approach of intuition and improvisation.

Parys Suite, with three poems by Carina van der Walt, takes editing as its main narrative strategy. The film is compiled from a database of pre-constructed animated footage in a variety of techniques and media. A large portion of this database consists of disrupted image animation techniques, in which the smooth naturalistic movement, characteristic of mainstream animation, is willfully avoided. 


Studio wall composite of the Parys Suite structural diagram by Diek Grobler at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, 2017. IMAGE VIEW for more detail.

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